Keto Vegan Cutlets

Keto Vegan Cutlets with roasted gram flour ….

Been a vegetarian for two and a half years but on May 31st decided to go vegan and start Keto diet and intermittent fasting too …

Not easy! 🤔

Well sharing a vegetable cutlet dish with veges of my choice and roasted gram flour for binding which I made for dinner tonight ..

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As I explore some more easy healthy tasty vegan Keto recipes …

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“Language of the Heart “

Speaking the Language of the Heart !

As ,I would pick up my attendance register , I would see her walking daintily towards me with her warm eyes holding a delicate white bruised flower between her little fingers to hand me over.Her slow walk towards me and her slow strides back to her seat was so different from other kids her age . She was in no hurry.

As a class teacher of a primary school, years back , one of my most loved career paths ,I distinctly remember a little student of mine getting me a white flower every single day. Jostling between 15 other kids in a stuffed auto that she commuted in ,she would still manage to hold on to it which was so touching. Her expression never changed even on days when it was just the leaves ,sans the flower.
As I would bend down with a smile on my lips and a spark in my eyes to take that white love from her and she would just look into my eyes smile coyly and walk back slowly to her seat.I always felt it was a great accomplishment on her part to hold it all the way from her home in a crowded auto and give me so endearingly .Some days my eyes would follow her till she would take her seat.It’s so surprising that I would see it as a great achievement on her part but she never showed it . It was like a ritual of mothers waking us every single day and getting back to their daily chores .

Do we need to be like kids ? Yes I think so ..Do your part with a right intent and move on …
“Many a Heart “speak to us in many languages in various forms and walk away silently ….. into the oblivion

Look at them with just a smile , even though they want nothing from you . ….

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Do Husbands Hear ?

Do Husbands Hear?🤣 🤣🤣🤣

Yesterday I asked my husband to get two packets of milk and I said I needed to make curd from one .

He was walking out before I could even finish my sentence . Generally this is the scenerio even when you are on the phone too . They are always in a hurry to disconnect their wife’s calls … mind you when we wives know that the last sentences are the most crucial lines we summarize the complete instruction manual .

He came back after a long walk with two tubs of curd . I was shocked to see him happily placing them on the kitchen top as if he has completed ‘ Mission Impossible ‘.

He just heard snippets of what I said “ two. “ and “ curd “ . Rest was out of the window or sailed away with the passing breeze . 😮

Husbands 🤔 are they hard of hearing ???? or Do they hear only what they want ????

Well they are God gifted 🎁

You whisper into someone’s ears and believe it or not they would have caught every word of your conversation ….👊👊👊👊

With all their hearing problems we still adore them when they give those puppy looks after messing up .❤️Adorable

Rajshree Anand

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I dedicate my emotions through a few couplets to “All those mothers who are sitting with baited breath to catch the first flight to be beside their daughters who are about to deliver their babies this year .”

“Amma !”

The pain and agony of not being there for your heart when she will go through those pangs of womanhood and rebirth is haunting so many out there . I have heard sighs of resignation because they know there is nothing much they can do . The feel of holding your child and her child is the most beautiful moment for any mother .Rituals and ceremonies like Godbharayee for safe delivery are being performed on FaceTime .Some solace !Thanks to our modern day technology , but the yearning of a mother cannot be fathomed .


My pregnant daughter called out at night ..

I woke up with a start and a little fright .

Seven seas and beyond she is about to deliver ..

If not for the pandemic ,I would have been her best caregiver .

Ask a mother and comprehend her plight ..

The heart gives a silent sigh as she wishes for wings of flight.

Every daughter’s dream to place her cuddly new born ..

In the lap of her mother’s warmth and soft yarn .

The craving for those snacks and sweets of her growing up years..

Much handed over to mumma with passion by her ancestors .

What would she be doing ?

What will she do ?

Streaming questions with no answers all waiting in a queue .

Her constant thoughts traveling through the open land and the blue seas ..

Her mind on a constant roller coaster, she neither reveals nor conceals .

Her eyes and her ears just want to hear ..

Borders are opened , pack your bags my dear .

Every grandmother to be with an anxious breath is bribing the almighty ….

Sleepless nights and a silent prayer to every deity .

Many a mother did not reach to see the pain nor her daughter’s smile ..

Many a daughter held her soft bundle of joy and her thoughts drifted to her mother at a far away mile .

The hopeful wish for mothers of pregnant daughters of my time ..

To be beside their darlings to smile assuringly and wipe the sweat off their brows just onetime .

Rajshree Anand


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Braiding Bread One Afternoon

“Braiding Bread one Afternoon“

Getting inspired by all kinds of bread making , a hobby I am now cultivating left me to a memory of my school days . Indian girls always have or had long hair and braiding the hair before school was every mother’s chore in the morning.

This braided bread that I was baking today made me smile . My mother would fondly take care of my long tresses as a regime .Oiling the hair , adding herbs to oils , washing them with organic products and trimming them once in a while . Not that she had less work at home .

Loved every moment of this bread making process as it was meditative and took me to all those mornings of beautiful hairdos my mother would love to do on my hair and adding flowers of the season during occasions .The aroma of those flowers wafted as I walked with my long plaits …
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“Passion” the Celestial Sherpa to show me the Himalayas …

“Passion” the Celestial Sherpa to show me the Himalayas …

The other day I walked around in the vicinity of my daughter’s old house as I was waiting for her in-laws to finish with their hair cuts .

I had gone with an intention to see someone who in her late 80’s was my daughter’s neighbor . When I approached the lane with mixed feelings , I was fortunate because she was right there happily chatting with her next door neighbor.

After having introduced myself though it took her sometime as it was more then 7 years now since I had last seen her during one of my short visits to Auckland .We exchanged pleasantries and after sharing about my daughter’s whereabouts we left .

This beautiful English lady all of 94 years now ,still bakes cookies on weekends and takes them to the old age home as she used to do when I met her last .She lives all by herself and is fit as a fiddle keeping her beautiful little home and her manicured garden so prim and proper and adding to it her lemon tree laden with golden fruit steals the show of her home .

My son in law when he came to visit us a few months back from US asked me what I intended to do this year and I said that I have touched everything that I wished to do after hanging my boots from my job as it’s well over 3 years .

He insisted that I should pursue something and I felt as if I am done with everything and have none on my list to chase ignorant !

I may not see her again but her life is an inspiration that taught me a great lesson.Contacting her made me feel ,that in life passion and learning should never be curbed till you are in the grave.

Hope each year I add more to my list to enrich myself.

Buddha says :-
“Know that you are the perfect age , each year is special and precious for you shall live it only once . Be comfortable with growing older .”

This picture was taken last year exactly the same day that is today 20th May … on my birthday

Can see the Himalayas …

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Pumpkin Vegan Soup

A hearty ,nourishing, nutritious and tasty soup

Eggs for Decoration and only for non vegetarians



Sauté Ginger in oil

Stir fry the veges and add water along with salt and pepper

Pulse it to a purée

Serve the warm soup


Cook and Enjoy this recipe and do share your feedback

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